>Does "mouse over" mean "highlight"

no. can you scroll up in this thread so that your link and my identical non-link both show?

if so, then you'll be able to move (don't click) your mouse pointer over one and then the other. note the difference in the results.

most browsers give you a status bar at the bottom of your browser window. when you mouse over a link/url (that is, move your mouse pointer over the link title), you should see something happen to the pointer and additionally see something happen inside the status bar. when you do the same over my identical string (except for its not being a hot link) none of the above happens.

[this status bar may be an optional display, but I leave it on for I may want to know where all of the hot links are going to take me; e.g., many of the external links given in wikipedia articles have a text title rather than a URL address for the hot links.]

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