As you can see it sort of worked, except for the extraneous "Step 0". My mistakes were (a) not realizing zm had omitted a couple of steps, apparently thinking they were was so obvious he didn't need to, and had included a step which as you will see I didn't need. I had apparently forgotten to to hit "submit" then "edit" because otherwise you don't get the editing icons and (b) identifying each step, which apparently interferes with the process. So now I shall submit then follow tsu's intructions once more:

Explanatory text*&loc=revfp2&clue=survival+requires+specific+environment

Aha now I'm beginning to catch on. Remember my original goal was to produce a link having the appearance of a url, that is, an address; and indeed that's just what I got above, except for "Explanatory text" which I didn't need.

An Aha moment: I'll do it again but this time I won't enter any explanatory text:*&loc=revfp2&clue=survival+requires+specific+environment

Big Aha! finally I'm there. But my god, what an awful lot of steps for something that in other boards is 100 % automatic

....but thanks again to all you guys for your boundless patience