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Perhaps there is a misunderstanding of some sort, where you and I, through no fault of your own, don't mean exactly the same things by "url" and "link"

You really shouldn't try to use the InterWeb, dahil. It's arcane protocols and quotidian mungings are beyond your ken.

[ url= link ] title [ /url ]

The text in red are keywords and stay as they are written. The text in Green get replaced by the URL, link, or resource locator. The text in blue is the text of the hyperlink itself. For example:

[ url= http://www.example.com/rtfm.html ] Something short and pithy. [ /url ]

With all the spaces removed between square brackets and keywords, etc.

Something short and pithy.

Not that this will help ...

and again, using the 'Create a link to a webpage' button..

step 0: copy the URL/link that you wish to display
step 1: reply to some post [d'oh!]; enter some explanatory text
step 2: click the Create a link.. button
step 3: CTRL-v, click OK [nothing else, before or after, just..]
step 4: type in your title OR CTRL-v, click OK
step 5: (optional) type in some more commentary

this has the effect of [ url= link ] title [ /url ]