Ok tsu you're absolutely right and so for Jackie

[url=Jackie]Wordsmith Talk[/url] [url=For Jackie][/url] http://onelook.com/?w=*&loc=revfp2&clue=survival+requires+specific+environment

Well as you can see tsu it didn't work. After I entered "For Jackie," I got a new request, something I hadn't encountered before:

Now enter the title of the webpage you are linking to.

I have not the foggiest notiion what a Web Page Title is so I entered the title of this web page, namely "Wordsmith Talk," but that app[arently didnt do the trick either

The entire operation is getting too complex for an old fart like me. If you have any power whatever with Admin and if it's within their purview, you might suggest that if possible when the software is next updated it include a means as I had noted earlier as in other boards of this sort to recognize a url and autmatically adapt it to link form. But again thank you for your patience

Incidentally the url mess reminds me strongly of the "[/Quote]" turmoil I complained hereabout in which I lamented the problem of distinguishing one's reply from a quotation, especially with the quote within a quote within another

..whereupon a helpful contributor posted a 3000-word rundown on the use of this board feature. Though I'm sure his contribution was entirely accurate I believe he was being facetious

But wait: I recall first time not having entered the Web Page and so that must be the reason Mac entered Jackie's ref twice and this is what's "wrong"; so let me try once more

[url=for Jackie]Wordsmith Talk[/url] http://onelook.com/?w=*&loc=revfp2&clue=survival+requires+specific+environment

Nah sorry, that didn't work either

But whoa It just occurred to me that what Mac wanted me to to was to enter the entire url in the first box, then Jackie must be what he wants for the Web Page Title; let me try it

jackie http://onelook.com/?w=*&loc=revfp2&clue=survival+requires+specific+environment

Ok that didn't work either

But as I said somewhere else, none of this sort of turmoil should be necessary. The software should entirely automatically have recognized it as a url, fixed it up to suit, then replaced it in link form when I struck "submit". I thought Bill was bad but in cases like this apparently Mac hasn't made things much easier

Sorry guys, there's not much hope and so again my apologies while I cordially invite all you guys to give up on me. I may quit this sort of thing altogether, go back to writing books about The Problems of Youth and The Purpose of Creation