dale, this is the sort of thing I meant when I stated that I see this kind of 'link' in many of your posts; i.e., whenever you insert one of these reverse dictionary things it never gets changed to a hot link. again, you need to follow the process that eta has given you.

and no, I don't know why a *second link automagically gets transposed for you.

but let's try something else to get you off your dime. when you reply to a post, you should be seeing a post [entry] box with a row of icons along the top of it. if you click on the the second icon, the one right next to the *smiley* [it's labeled Create a link to a webpage], you get an entry area for pasting your URL - you should paste it in right over the highlighted text [not next to it, you need to replace what's already there!]. then, when you click the OK button, you get another entry area where you can give your link a name (what eta called "something", but you can call it *anything*.
and now, when you click OK, you can finish editing your post, click the Submit button down at the bottom, and your link will automagically appear, in your post, as a hot link labeled "whatever you named it above".

-joe (I don't suppose this helped at all) friday