You're referencing Wikipedia! I thought you were on my Wiki-haters list....

Moi? Nope, I find Wikipedia useful, and cite it often.

here may be some confusion and/or controversy regarding the "third person" label.

Agreed. I was using it because that's how I have often seen it referred to in linguistics texts and grammars. But, if you're going to call no llores a 2nd person negative imperative, then I guess I can call llore a 3rd person imperative. Latin had these, too. Vivat rex 'let the king live', fiat lux 'let there be light', etc.

The problem in the end is one of terminology. Some people like their terminology to be based on forms. And others on function.

my intent was to be humorous about the corrections, with a little added jubilation (I rarely get to be the "expert")

I appreciated that you pointed out some problems with my post, and I tried to rectify them. I hope I did not seem to be taking umbrage.

[Addendum: a discussion of imperative mood in the Gramática de la lengua castellana by Real Academia Española (link), including examples of 3PS and 1PP.]

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