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seems to me cante would be the imperative since the infinitive is cantar.

Cante is the 3rd person singular imperative 'let her/him sing'.

Wrong! As far as I know, the only imperatives are second person. If you address a third person, s/he becomes second. You might say a third person should do something, but that would not be the imperative.

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Canta is the 2nd person singular informal 'sing (you)'.

Wrong again! The second person singular is "cantas", as shown in my previous post. "Canta" is the third person singular.

Wow! I got to say "wrong" to Zmjezhd, twice! I better figure out what "Zmjezhd" is in numbers and get a lottery ticket... ;0)

and if I'm wrong, I'll have a heap o' slinkin' away to do...