The infamous howl-yelp-bark that awakened the adults from deep sleep signaled a sharp sudden distress. The coyote must have been right behind the wiring that's supposed to keep deer and coyotes out. When one of us went to have a look the animal had vanished.
The next morning I went up the place where the 'incident' must have taken place. I had suspicions I wanted to try verify. What I saw was a gopher hole that had been dug out not by a gopher. Right next to the hole were two dropping that were neither deer nor rabbit's. Obviously of the genus canis. I draw the conclusion that I was right in what I suspected: In the dead of night a coyote was bitten in the nose by a gopher.
As all conclusions must be sustained by evidence I add two pictures. A hole with the coyopte droppings (on the right of the hole) + two doglike droppings and the plain gopher hole.

coyote dig

plain hole

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