Actually more than I care to mention.
Some sites have tornado shelters, but most do not. It was only
a year ago this week that a tornado passed over the city
and landed in a Boy Scout camp a few miles away, killing four
boys in their early teens (13-14). This week the camp has been
rebuilt with their families on hand for the re-dedication. It
is really a sad site, but they say they are re-vitalized. They
were in a cabin near a stone fireplace which fell on them, killing them. They say if you are out in the open, find a ditch
to lie down in. I've seen tornados, and been in two of them,
but luckily had a basement to hide in. One school where I taught
was levelled to the ground and oh, the stories from that one.
It put this city out commission for weeks.

----please, draw me a sheep----