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How do you always manage to find these old threads? I want however to object to (if you don't mind) this: 'platte is French for flat'.
French for flat is plat . In this form : "platte" it really only exists in Dutch and Flemish. It is how we write the adjective from the adverb plat. That is why it struck me as odd when you mentioned it some time ago. What does 'platte' do in the Midwest?

Beats me! And I'm not familiar with Dutch nor Flemish.
But the history book used to teach the state history mentions it that way. Probably because la riviere
is feminine, making the adjective feminine: La riviere platte. (?) The flat river.

Finding old threads? Ah retirement, 'tis great.
Is there still a Count of Flanders? I know both the Netherlands,Belgium, and Luxembourg are monarchies???

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