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Chocolate on my mind since it was mentioned by DZjeem. In the sixties-seventies my husband used to take home Godiva chocolates from chocodrome Brussels. Only just now I learn that Godiva is since quite a while no longer Belgian at all. Maybe that's what changed the taste. Now one of the favorites is a handmade Australian chocolate.

During World War II, my sister and I were favorites on the block because our dad, who was stationed in the South Pacific, sent us Australian chocolate periodically. We were the only kids on the block who had chocolate throughout the war. We shared it out. It was rich and dark. Sometimes the surface was dusted with alkali powder that had leached out in transit. But we just brushed it off and ignored it.

There is a scene in "Band of Brothers" that occurred during Operation Market-Garden. An American G.I. shares some of his chocolate candy ration with a young Dutch child, whose father says that his child had never had chocolate candy before. Isn't the Netherlands right next door to Belgium?