We had a newspaper article yesterday that pertains to this
According to the article, only one native speaker of Livonian
remains on Earth, in Latvia. Eyak, an Alaskan language, died
last year with its last speaker.
These are two of nearly 2000 that UNESCO says have gone extinct
or in danger of doing so.
With each language being a vessel of culture, a repository for
a unique set of feelings, expressions, wisdoms, ways of looking
at the world, it is worth preserving.
According to the article, in the USA alone more than a fourth
of the 192 languages once spoken have disappeared; 71 are
severely endangered, e.g., Gros Ventre (fewer than 10); Menomonee
(35 speakers).
Livonian is being revived by being taught in schools to young
peole in Latvia and thru poetry.
Sort of makes one want to learn one to help the cause along..

----please, draw me a sheep----