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If a religion cannot or does not acknowledge the Trinity, it is not Christian.

says you.

and this is why religious discussion is strongly discouraged on this site.

I wonder what those who do not acknowledge the Trinity say about those who do.

It varies. Some say we Trinitarians are followers of the devil. Others that we are just a bit misled or silly.

Historically, the vast majority of Christians in the history of the world have regarded belief in the Triune nature of God as one of the touchstones of normal Christian belief. It is one of the few things that Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics all hold. Whether our belief is true is a question outside the bounds of this forum, but Von is right that most Christians would regard non-Trinitarians as outside the Christian Church. We are possibly sailing a bit close to the wind here, however no harm done since it has been a perfectly polite and non-argumentative discussion and the purpose of that rule is to avoid arguments.