Sneakingly, creepingly,
some think annoyingly,
twosleepy comes in to
fix up the mess

made of a Spanish word,
guess that you never heard;
"frijole" does not ex-
ist; it's "frijol" no less!

Spanglishly, manglishly
statesians mess up in
trying to use words that
aren't English norm,

stumblingly, humblingly,
Even the best can learn
"-es" removes from the
plural noun form.

Wow! Did I write that?!? That was fun! Don't know if I followed all the rules, but I think so... This is a problem usually with "tamales", from which people want to make "tamale", but it doesn't exist; it's "tamal" in the singular. Since so many Spanish words end in vowels, those are easy; just remove the "s". Hope you enjoyed my mini-lesson! :0)