The last post dates from 9/18.

Figurative USAGE:
"If your child becomes a limpet, the teacher will peel him off your leg."
Kevin Harcombe; Learning to Let Go._

This is the second part: Learning to Go:
By above friend:

"It wasn't the well-aimed but cleverly restrained punch to the chest delivered - nonetheless, with conviction - by Curtis, or the push from 250 pound Damon which sent me half way across the room, accompanied by the sound of choral wonderment that made me flip (as in flip sides).
It was the uncontrollable amount of time I found myself thinking: next time I'm gonna drop to one knee, spin gracefully to the left, and deliver a deft lateral capoeira kick to the back of Damon's knee, or maybe I'll ambush him in a deserted hallway and scare the shit out of him as was suggested by more than one of the many large and strong paraprofessionals who roam the halls, or maybe I should read the manual on Restraint handed to me by Ms. Santana who hands out tough love to the mighty 8 who inhabit my classroom.

After 6 weeks I made it for the door, and back to the drawing board."

Where in my school teaching days did I ever get the idea that that teaching was an exigent job?