Hi there! Sorry to bother you with my sherlockian musings, but it seems the author of today's quote "Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition. -Eli Khamarov", doesn't seem to exist. After finding this Eli Khamarov, I wanted to read more on him. Wikipedia's page about him has been deleted, and Wikiquote says something like this: Not notable. Google has less than a thousand hits on the name, and there's no Wikipedia page for this person. Amazon has no trace of anyone by the name, or of a book called "America Explained!". After checking the WP deletion log for this person, it appears that the content is a copyvio of this site, which may be copyvio itself (notes of "Reprinted without permission" appear in several places on that site). Scooby, we have a mystery here.