Great--Knowing your base line, that you are new to computers, we can do a lot to help..

this BB format, (unlike some) allows us to embed images (photo's and "screen shots" --being word nerds, we tend to USE words and language, but sometimes, a single image is worth a 1000 words.

some of us, (like me) have made a profession of training others in computer use--we 'speak" computer nerd, and we speak real english..

a lot of the info in the 'home made help pages' was made to assist users (like you!)

You are going to find a lot of bells and whistles, (all sorts of accent marks, symbols, and other fun stuff is used here.
(and since there are at least 3 different ways to create these special effects, if you want to learn HOW-you're going to get 3 lessons!)

Each method works.. each of us have our process..

and a BB like this has LOTS of ways to operate.

take color.. I work with a black background and a white foreground..(shade of gray color scheme) (but in my stuff, you can go to my preferences and change the default (and there are lots of other defaults you can change.. (and some of these will make some things easier, and some will make some things harder..)

We are glad you delurked.. and look forward to seeing you post, and will slowing ensnare you in our ways.. you'll soon be using different fonts, in different colors and will add symbols like (a degree symbol) with out a second thought!