to: tsuwm:
Thank you. Yes I did try to do what was outlined above. I am not extremely computer literate, and just learning. Hence I chose the "Robin" avatar, as Robin was trying to learn from Batman.I did the "search, all forum, apostrophe, one month" as you said, and found what I was looking for. Navigating around is quite difficult for me, it seems, But I am getting the hang of it. I see the "top" note, and I see now how it works. And to "of troy" my baseline. I should have mentioned some of it, I apologize, taking things for granted is a defect of mine: I am new to computer and Internet, only one year.Yes, I saw 'apostrophe' had "sunk" and I thought eliminated, I thank you all VERY MUCH for your help. I will not be a "lurker" as words fascinate me. I have to travel for about two months, and don't have a laptop, but I WILL BE BACK AND
CONTRIBUTING in a few weeks. It make much more sense to me now and again thank you for your help. Luke

----please, draw me a sheep----