this site is something like the collier brothers apartment..

each forum, each topic, each thread (Millions of them!) is like a pile of paper, (the newest topic is always at the top, but the newest reply at the bottom)

there is a learning curve for this BB, (and others) while many are similar, each BB has its own quirks.

Many are willing to be helpful. (trouble is, we don't yet know your base line--where do we start?)

are you a computer newbie?
(and/or an internet newbie?
Are you computer literate, but new to BB's?
(BB are bulletin boards, which are not chat rooms, or ..)
Do you know/understand how a BB works?
(so maybe you know unix, or CMP, and can run circles round XP --this community, (a BB) is still something new to learn.

And this BB is not a normal one.

most BB's have 'admin's' (demi gods) who are strict, terrorizers.

we have Jackie (who has in her years as an admin here picked up a few tricks, but mostly she does NOTHING (OK, she helps newcomers more than average...)

WE are self organizing, and self monitoring. Our admin is not a demi god, but a butterfly.. (her touch is that gentle)

DO Read (print out) the FAQ--(its only about 4 sheets of paper.)

Do ask for help.

(again print out, read and follow along directions)

DO try to be specific in your questions.

(Personally i couldn't understand what the problem with the apostrophy thread was:
Did you not see it had 'sunk' (as new topics were added)
Did you not understand why it was in I & A?(because our dear admin tends to leave topics where they are.
MOVES (all to common in other BB's are rare on this BB.))

and--this BB has many members, but only 50 or so regular posters (there are many who post infrequently..LURKERS)
and there is a core group (that changes) that post frequently)
(the top poster, wwh, is deceased) and others from the top poster list are rarely seen, (and i keep dropping lower and lower on the list) but we are all here for PLEASURE. and will all do our part to make it a pleasurable experience for you too!