hmm; I'll give it a shot. The main page shows the main categories, some of which are:
Information and announcements
Check this forum for latest developments about A.Word.A.Day

Q&A about words
Got questions about words? Post them here. Know the answer to a question? Share it here.

Wordplay and fun
The fun of words and words of fun.

Words and languages in schools
Forum for educators to share their experiences in using AWAD in their classrooms.

Odds and ends. This is the place for everything else. E.g. What is your favorite word? Did you coin a word? Share it here.

Weekly Themes
Topic of the week.

Click (when you're actually on the main page, not here) on any one of these titles (I put them in bold, above) to see the list of threads in them. THREADS are where the conversations take place--where you'll read and make posts.

For example, clicking on "Information and announcements" will show you a list that starts with these threads:

Tips for Newcomers

Updated Tips for Newcomers, 2008

Max's Useful Language Links

The official birthday thread

Useful language links

the apostrophe as discussed today in wordsmith.

Booklovers' playground

To find the recent discussion of the apostrophe after you have clicked on Information and announcements, click on the apostrophe as discussed today in wordsmith. If you (anyone) cannot remember which category or thread you want, try the Search function--I recommend using the most unusual of words: apostrophe, rather than discussion, for ex. BUT: if you are searching for a post (or a thread to put a post in), you must use the Search button that is between "Active Topics" and "FAQ"; NOT the one that's between "What's New and Site Map".

Luke, I'm sending you a PM* of the above. Please, anyone, feel free to contact me, and I in my clumsy way (I don't know all the proper apellations for things) will try to explain.

*To read your PM, look for the little envelope that should be flashing next to "My Stuff" at the top of your page. Then click on My Messages, then the message itself.