First--welcome! :-)

The links on the original T for N thread don't work since Anu changed formats. I will put a few "down-home" tips here, with the idea of further additions by myself and others.

My first suggestion is to try the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the bar containing Forum List My Stuff Calendar Active Topics Search FAQ .
(Aside: this is the Search you need to click on to search this forum. The Search in the bar containing About Us | What's New | Search | Site Map | Contact Us is to search the Words A Day.)

One of the more FAQ's is along the lines of Why Can't I use colors, smileys, underlines, etc. in my posts. Well, you can...but NOT if you simply drop down to the bottom of the page and use the Quick Reply box. If you click on Reply in the bottom of the post you wish to respond to, OR if you go to the Quick Reply box and click on the button that says Switch to Full Reply Screen, THEN you will get a reply box with a whole host of options for you to click on.

Clicking on My Stuff will lead you to your Private Messages, profile, and some other things. (Er--I have no idea of what a Watch List is. ) A flashing envelope next to My Stuff indicates that you have a new PM; plus, you should be sent an e-mail telling you you have one...IF you checked that box in your Preferences. Until you have built up your "Buddy List", if you want to send a new PM to someone, find their name in a post they've made, and click on the name. Also, click on the little triangle next to Options when you go to My Messages, to send a new PM to someone on your list. (Man--that sounds more complicated than it actually is. If I can figure it out, anybody can.)

Navigating: Anu has set up several broad categories, which are listed as Forums General Topics . Most are pretty self-explanatory. If you have a question about a word, or want to see if your question may have already been answered here, go to Q&A about words , or, perhaps, restrict your search to that topic.
Within each topic are threads--discussions that start with a question or comment about a particular word. (Though it has so far proven pretty well impossible for this bunch to stay on topic for long!) So, if you have a question about a particular word, please start a new thread, as opposed to introducing it into a thread that's already under way about something else. You start a new thread by going to whatever category (such as Q&A), where you'll see a list of the most recent threads. Up near the top left of that page you'll see New Topic ; click on that.

Other suggestions welcomed. Feel free to PM me or 'most any other old-timer with any questions you may have.