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FWIW, Robert Graves thought the whole one-eye thang was because they wore eyepatches, being blacksmiths and all, to keep sparks out of their eyes. Cyclops means (most likely) round-eye.<br><br>

Looking back over The Greek Myths I see that Graves actually said they were bronzesmiths and that Cyclops meant 'ring-eyed'.

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The Cyclopes seem to have been a guild of Early Helladic bronzesmiths. Cyclops means 'ring-eyed', and they are likely to have been tattooed with concentric rings on the forehead, in honour of the sun, the source of their furnace fires; the Thracians continued to tattoo themselves until Classical times. ... The Cyclopes were one-eyed in the sense that smiths often shade one eye with a patch against flying sparks.