I'm not sure I'm in the right forum though this does have to do with an agency looking for writers. According to an AP story entitled Online writing platforms attract new writers circa March 30, several new sites, like Heliu8um, ThisIsByUs, and Associated Content "...dangle micro amounts of pay to amateur writers..."

As it sounds too good to be true, and if any of our participants might wish to look into the subject and if you have the same reaction s I did, here's a query I transmitted to Helium

If I get a reply I will append it


I have written a book of 77,000 words entitled “The World .... in Short Words,” purporting to explain the Universe to the young man and written entirely (except for footnotes) in words of one syllable

Forgive me but I can’t cope with a huge site like Helium and while I suppose they might be found somewhere therein, it might take me three weeks just to uncover the critical answers so I hope you can quickly rejoin to just a few questions. Forgive me also if I have used the wrong “Contact Us” and if so I hope you will forward this message

1) Is your service entirely gratis and if not is there a fee of some sort to the writer, how much is it, and is it applied just once

2) If you should accept my MS how am I repaid; that is, do I get one-time remuneration or can I expect royalties and typically if my work should prove popular how are they calculated

3) By submitting the ms to Helium do I lose the rights to it permanently or if it proves unsuccessful, for how long

4) Do you need to know anything else about me and if there is a link to a form I must complete, what page is it found on and what is its title

5) I note you accept the ms in Windows/Word. Would I transmit it as an attachment to email and if so please provide an appropriate address

–Thank you–Dale Hileman, Apple Valley, CA