Ack! Ack ack! I am not the word-nerd named Atticus.

Atticus Thorpe is an entrepreneur
With a product that's wholly unique.
A prolific inventor of phrases and words,
He peddles a thousand a week!
His terms have a snappy, professional ring,
And they're easy to use,
for they don't mean a thing!

He taught us to say that we're "on the same page"
Or wearing our "marketing hat."
"Pushing the envelope" won him renown.
(He made half a million on that!)
He's knocked off his share of executive socks
With thinking that's totally

He's "raised up the high bar" with "leading edge" words.
His "competencies" are superb.
"Leverage" was only a lackluster noun
Till Atticus made it a verb!
He's written for generals, senators, dems,
And he nurses ambitions of writing for teens.


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