______ ///>> MERRY CHRISTMAS <<\\ *

Thank all you AWADERS, for your pleasant company, your wit and and your forbearance durning this past year. My gift to you is that I will endeavor to become a more suitable chatmate in the coming year. A more sensitive and more tolerant Milo will grace these illustrous pages in 2008. But since it is still 2007 I'd like you all to take note of the asterisk in my Christmas greeeting.

* My "Merry Christmas" greeting is to all but one of the Awaders here. To him (or to her) my gift is a lump of coal and a one-way ticket to Burnt Corn,Alabama. Burt Corn is where Doublehead Johnson lives -- the meanest man in Alabama. Then I'd have all my nemesises in one croger sack (so to speak) and I could watch them.

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