Wish-gifts for the festive season:

Alex Williams
: A leading part in comfortable footwear in what he considers
" The Greatest Show on Earth".
Aramis:Ozali moto malamu.
AnnasStrophic and Faldage: A giant jar of fireflies for 100 % "off the grid" festive sparkle.
Bigwig Rabbit: Roots and more roots as being good for eyes and brain.
Dale: A 'hot'- sublink to Zen and the ways to enjoyment of things one can't talk or run with.
etaoin: That classic, profound little word 'heh' cast in gold.
GallantTed: A pretty tiptoeing trollop.
Hydra: a personal video hydra and the Anatomy of Euphoria.
Jackie: A bonus real copy of the Dord if you give me your adress.
Myridon: The next word: jerrycummumble
of troy: The never ending yarn that changes color and fabric at wish.
Olly: All things nice and jolly.
Pennyless: From Heaven. Everything that's good and better.
The FallibleFeind: FreindlyFestivities.
Themilium: Special findings and LongeVITY.
tsuwm: A first edition in print of the best - ron joe (cursives)- obvious friday.
Zed: colorful glassworks and pointy puns.
ZmejhZ : Rare Roots and Precious Pies in the sky.

Just good wishes and happy feriation to all and to Anu,family and crew.