cause you started a new thread?

dale, i suspect you are missing (they are there, you just don't know to look for them, or notice them) some of the clues to reading posts.

let's start with your post, (i am responding to your post!)(and this 'conversation' (whether between you & me, or if 20 other people join in, is 'a thread')

there are BB's (wordsmith talk), then forums(forums), then topics,(general topics) then threads-- this is a thread!

inside the thread, there is the message box.. (your message is the opening post (sometimes called OP (for either opening post or opening poster)

above the OP are 2 'buttons' --New Reply and Topic Options with an arrow that opens a MENU (these buttons stay at top of the 'thread')

the menu choices are
new reply
new topic
add topic to watched topics
Print topic
Switch to thread mode.(or if you are in Thread mode switch to flat mode.)

i suspect you meant to hit new reply, and instead hit new topic, (been there, done that, just caught the mistake myself!)

and you question "why wasn't it on top?"--it goes to the options /mode you read the threads in.. (threaded or flat)

I read flat. (for me, the newest post is alway on the "bottom", i scroll down to read it (actually the software scrolls down for me!) in threaded mode the newest post might be on top!)

below these two buttons is the MESSAGE window.

at the top of the window,(your new message that i am responding to!) there is a NEW (cause this is a new topic, not new reply!)

there is an icon (a sheet of paper--the default icon) and the topic 'title" or subject (RE:Friga Dune) (note-- i've change the topic title in this post.. (in this case, i just added to it, but i could have, when responding, change the entire topic heading)

you can also see, if you look at the topic heading (SUBJECT) of this message, that in blue, it has Re:dalehileman--which means I am replying to you.

(look at other thread, and you can see who is replying to who..(which would have, it you knew to look for it, let you know that when I addressed MILO, i was responding to a post by themilum--(and you would have realize that Milo and themilum are one and the same person!)

--some don't realize this, and just reply to last post in the thread--and this causes confusion! others use new repy button, and don't 'reply' to any specific post--

it is clear (from posts you have made, that you don't always realize who is talking to who, about what. reading the subject and Re: (username) you'll be better able to follow the threads of conversation.

threaded mode puts the newest response "on top' and has a history of the thread below (in a format that looks sort of like an outline) I find it harder to follow threads in this mode, (but others love the threaded mode, and use it exclusively!)

all this (and lots more info on negociating THIS BB (and many other BB's) can be found in 2 places

1--the FAQ (frequently asked questions) this contains info about this PARTICULAR BB software package.

2--in the tips for newcomers thread in the I&A forum
(see it here

that thread and max's useful language links have been 'stuck' top, to make them easier to find and read.

learning the details, and how to mangage and travel through BB's,forums, and threads (topics) makes posting here so much easier.

i live in NYC and my kids learned to drive here in the city.

one day (after spending a summer in the county with her grandparents) my daughter said "road signs are useful" (my reaction? D'oh!) she went on to explain, that when driving in NYC with overhead street lights, and an almost steady stream of traffic, no matter what hour, most signs just weren't needed.

you could see curves in the road, you could see cross streets (most often the were marked by traffic lights!)

but out in the country, with no over head street lights, and almost no traffic after a certain hour, even with the brights on, it was hard to see far ahead, (and curves in the road) or to see cross streets.

in the country, these signs are VITAL.

there is a lot to this board that is self evident.. (like driving in the city) you can find your way, well enough, with out using all the information available. (you can ignore the traffic signs!) but sometime, they are needed, they are useful. learning to look for them, and to use them, makes the time here more enjoyable (and besides, once you learn to read the signpost, you have less to remember!)

Reading the FAQ and reading the tips for newcomers will give you lots of information on how to better get around this BB (and other BB's, since in many cases, they use if not the same sign, similar ones!) and just learning that there are 'signs' to look out for will help!