By now I have learned through a PM that the article from the compendium is from a satirical source.
The nature of a good satire is that it looks credible.
Quoting Helen's winged words : In a world where they have Turkey Tangled Frog Weed everything is possible.

So I took it for real, not knowing what magazine or paper it came from. Still... I see no clear reason why , although coming from satire this could not be argued about.(and in an inoffense way)Unless you are a genuine hypocrit.

Another PM friend wrote she sees this forum as a cafe, where you can spend some time on and off. Well, in a cafe you can talk about anything and have arguments going. Words , also street words get used out and are continously replaced by new ones that wear out in their turn.

EDIT : And you zmjezhd, I cannot but see that you etymologized this subject with glee.

OK, fair enough.

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