"Stand aside everyone; I take large steps. Sometimes I astound even myself." Or so, Miles Gloriosus is said to have bellowed. Just the other day, while shopping at the local livestock auction in Pountine, LA, I found that one of the maculate brethern had left behind a serious tome. I could tell it was serious because it was written in a foreign tongue and weighed one-twentieth of a hundredweight. I decided thereupon to read it, but being hampered by my lack of Jermain and Lathine, I guess it'll be more than a fortnight before I can give you all a critique of it. Be that as it may, I'll leave you with the tastiest part: its bibliographical details:

Gernard Kejt. Schmitzige Gatkes: oder, das Haruspicium a bracis interioribus decacatis, apud Stageira ab Fratribus Illuminatibus Rhenicis, MDCLXVI.