I have a dilemma of semantic nature. I would love to
hear everyone's opinions. Read the following sentence:

"Our results could help STING to enhance the strengths
of the program and improve its weaknesses."

Let's focus on this part of the sentence: "improve its weaknesses." In this sense it means 'eliminate/lessen weaknesses'. It DOES NOT mean 'heighten weaknesses'.

1. Do you think the intended meaning of the sentence
comes across adequately?

2. Would you say it is flat out incorrect to use the
above mentioned phrasing?

3. Do you think there is any semantic difference
between "improve its weaknesses" and "improve on/upon
its weaknesses"? If a preposition is added (on/upon),
does that clarify the meaning of the sentence in any
way? Does it REALLY serve anything, or is it just a

A bet is riding on this, so I hope everyone will give
their input regarding this issue.