Shoot the moon! Milo The Milum .Walzing Mathilda ! Deepfried halleluja! The only thing about your post I understand is that you were too late with something and who's to blame? And that empty chairs have more patience than newcomers! Big deal!
One has to come from a good house to beat a chair on that subject.

Confusing the unsuspecting with percentages and numbers.

Did you make a choice or not? That's all that matters.

Hmmm. Sorry I lost my patience.(temper I mean) Gestalt problems.

Ok gang, I've had it. I've decided to blow this podunk game of Hogwash wide open with my inescapable reasoning and logic. Listen up, those with ears that hear other than be-bop, the mister themilum is gonna tell you all where the monkey hid the money...

First out I ask, who selected the word "whillywha" from the OED?
Right, it was the Hogmaster. And who is the Hogmaster?
Right again, he is tsuwm. And does not this tsuwm person conduct the Worthless Word For The Day website? And has not he selected thousands of words during the last five years for use on his website?

Get it? tsuwm is not a particularly unimagnative man but with the need to conjure new old words and definitions daily for over a thousand days his choice of words and definitions, perhaps understandably, have fallen into a recognizable pattern. Here, as I have deciphered, is his template...

A definition must be concise, clear with interesting content, and, most times, abstract rather than concrete.

Simple, huh? But suprisingly only two defintions entered in the current Hogwash fulfill these requirements. They are...

o) Sc. To and fro (entered by tsuwm to trick you)


i) the beauty of life as measured by the self. e.g. one's ability to sing, dance, strut, etc. (Navajo) [OED]

****************************** FINISHED ****************************

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