Shoot! Too late.

If you two new people had only half the patience of an empty chair I could have guided you to the OED definition of this Hogwash.

Think for a minute...all seventeen definitions have equal likelihood; such is the nature of language. So to improve your chances you must go with what you know, and one thing that we all know is the reality of verbal dimorphism - namely - women think and speak differently than men.

Now, since seven out of the eighteen Hogwash definitions were written by women, and since 99 44/00 percent of the contributions to the Oxford English Language dictionaries (OED) were written by men, it follows that if we eliminate the definitions written by the Hogwash ladies we will improve our chances of guessing correctly by almost 42 percent.

Granted, some rough-cut broads of Awad slap their men about as a matter of daily routine, and two or more of the tough-talking guys here enjoy dressing up their GI Joe dolls in cute little ballet outfits when not online, but overall, sex delimitation works, and here are the definitions submitted by the cutting sex...

(a) Oh my! Razor sharp edges!
(c) An "issue" is the feminine form of "problem".
(g) All platypusies are female and lay eggs.
(h) If a man wrote this one he should be denut...uh, scolded.
(j) Isn't that cute? Little Elmo's having a whillywha.
(l) "Harrowing dinner party"? Women retire to the whillywha; men get drunk.
(o) "To and fro" , try saying that without skipping.


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