O.k. Lets work this out.

D and R both cite Malaysian origins, G and Q Australian. Too coincidental. Strike those.

M is too long and piles in too much info to be real definition. Q also fits this category so a double-strike for that one.

C, I and P have Amerindian origins. Again too coincidental.

I have no idea what B is on about, so out that goes; and there are too many “Ws” in the word for Irish slang so F is out too.

Nobody says “heyday” anymore so K is definitely invented and L can’t be right because those who lived in stately homes wouldn’t come up with a weird name for a separate room for ablutions if they were too embarrassed to have folks use the regular room. They have some sort of euphemistic, non-humorous, non-descriptive word.

S is silly – boot!

J is out because nobody’d come up with a cutesy name for a temper tantrum.

So, this leaves me with A, E, H, N and O and I still don’t have an idea. Lets see. I think H is out because, like the tantrum definition, the word is too cutesy for that definition. O is too short, and doesn't explain what is going to and fro.

O.k., I’m choosing E just because I can’t decide which of the last three (A, E or N) is correct, so I threw a dart and it landed in the middle.

(o.k., o.k., so this post is long...I'm having a very stressful day at work so I'm taking a break!)