a) a long marsh grass with razor sharp edges

b) Chiefly British an elision of "Wow, hilly, eh what?"

c) Algonquin word for a level of disagreement or dispute which could only be settled by a lacrosse game in which at least one player died; hence any life-and-death issue.

d) a Malaysian riding crop; derived from riding crops brought over by polo-playing English and Scottish rulers in the nineteenth century.

e) Colloq., music a cup-shaped device manipulated at the flared end of a horn to alter the sound

f) Irish slang Support clothing for the male genitalia (aka 'jockstrap')

g) Aussie term for a young platypus

h) Sc. a wheedling or insinuating person; a flattering deceiver.

i) the beauty of life as measured by the self. e.g. one's ability to sing, dance, strut, etc. (Navajo)

j) Sc. a temper tantrum, esp in a small child

k) a children's toy popular during the heyday of Coney Island. It was shaped like an elaborate paper airplane and could be purchased for nickel.

l) a separate room set to the back of some stately homes for ablutions after particularly harrowing dinner parties.

m) a rare, endangered Hawaiian bird of the family Drepanididae, closely related to the ' I 'iwi or Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper, more common but also shrinking in number. The Whillywha, as well as the ' I 'iwi, feeds on nectar .

n) an underground lake; source of water

o) Sc. to and fro

p) a night spirit of the Iroquoian peoples.

q) an Australian Desert Mound Spring. These springs have characteristic mounds which have been formed by the combined action of water, sand, silt and clay and the deposition of limestone from the upwelling groundwater. It can take 1.5 to 2 million years for water to travel from the recharge area to the discharge area of the springs. The water from these springs is regarded as fossil water.

r) a Malaysian drain cleaner, or snake

s) the exclamation made by a youngster, calling out to Willy Wonka, just as he slips into a raging river of chocolate.

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