So Gunther turns to cloudy skies
And to the skies he bellows
It's bad enough for gods to know
But please don't tell the fellows!

"He went as one who had been stunned
and is of sense forlorn
A sadder and a wiser man
He rose the morrow morn" (STC)

But Gretch - the Wretch! -
She ran to fetch
Her friend the lagging dragon
I'll bring the beer, if you come here,
We'll drain the flaming flagon.

The deed was done, from dark till sun,
And they, of clothes forlorn,
A badder and Budweiser'ed pair
Arose to morrow's morn.

And then the twain, the Gretch and Swain

(blue)belMarduk - Pardonnez moi, mille foi, Madame. I have, with clumsy English feet, meddled with your meter and fractured your metric pieds Francaise. but the show must go on ...(/blue)