bear foaks
da vinci cobe
wot da f n f is dat adout anyways
i reb it 2 times meself u gnow dut i bibnt unberstanb a f n worb a it da 1st time
dut den gallanteb tolb me dat its ritten n a f n secret cobe
so I reb it agin dut dis time I reb it dackwarbs
& stanben on me heb 2 doot & den it mabe perfeck since 2 me

4 dem a u wats 2 tick 4 2 cop on ill now tell u wot da f its all adout
its adout a hunt 4 da holy gray ale & peeple do b murberen each
other & evrytin 4 2 finb it cos dey must have a fierce f n thirst
on dem r sumtin like dat
anyways dey enb up at da last supper 4 2 finb it
dut theres no room at da n 4 dem
cos ders alreby a loab a men and sum1s mrs der slurpen away
so dey have 2 go home witout getten a sup a dis magic gray ale

a corse the hole dooks a total f n hoax 4 sure
cos us tebby dears gnow xactly where da holy gray ale is
n fact im guzzlen sum now as i rite dis cos its deen hibben beep bown
n da cellers a slashers dar & grill 4 bonkys years
xactly where dat ban drown cant get his f n greeby & gruddy paws on it

b f n c n u l8r g8r