"pick the one that doesn't belong" type questions

I would probably ace that one! I take those kinds of tests all the time in school. There have been at least several times where I got at least a 'C' or a 'B' on a subject I had no idea of, just by picking the one that don't belong, and what might be most likely. Just as long as it's multiple choice. (If it's essay I just keep writing indefinitely until I run out of ideas and hope I hit the answer somewhere.)


some people are quickly able to see patterns (humans excell at seeing patterns!) and are able to replicate them.

as a child, i was able to memorize passages with out understanding the words, or meaning of the passage.

these skills/gifts/what ever you call them, are signs of intelegence.
they are not culturally dependent.

there are folks (and we have mostly likely somewher in our life seen evidence of this) who have trouble making a pattern as simple as a checkerboard (--and their attempts to lay a set of floor tiles in a checkboard pattern are flawed.) others, can see and replicate complex patterns or even create new patterns, with ease.
these abilities can be one way to measure inteligence.

(one of the test i was required to perform in a 4 hour IQ test involved seeing (but then having the image removed) and being asked to recreate the same image (they became increasing complex)--all created with wooden tile of squared, diamonds, triangles and rectangles.

those who can't lay a checkerboard tile floor, would 'fail this test' --and people from other cultures, could 'pass' and they wouldn't need to know anything about our culture, or we about their culture to have this happen.

Actually I think that's more of a short-term memory quiz (or photographic memory for that matter)...

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