You'd think so, but most kitchen scales are not that sensitive.

For example, in a recipe for Fungible pudding we once got, (thank you Mav) the measures were in weight. I used a kitchen scale and found that I could add tiny bits and the arrow wouldn't change noticeably.

I think that this non-preciseness would be comparable to volume when your tablespoon is a little over-filled and the liquid-pressure (I know there is a name for this but can't recall it) is keeping the tablespoon from overflowing.

I did notice the recipe took longer to prepare with the scale though. There's the whole, "add a bit, look, add a bit, look, ooops, remove a tiny bit, ooops, removed too much, add iota. O.k. that's good," thing you have to go through.

With measuring cups and spoons, you scoop, scrape top with a straight-edged knife and voilą, you're done.