This is Sriram here from India. (Currently in Bangkok, Thailand)

Today's word, Dharma - contains a small write-up by the author on a meditative process he underwent.

Made me instantaneously recollect the Vipassna course - a Buddhist meditative process, we all were subjected to during our MBA program at SCMHRD (Symbiosis Center for Management), Pune.
Set amidst the green valleys of Igatpuri (Dhammagiri) in India, the 10-day program asked us to observe 'Noble Silence' - i.e. just being with oneself, and not communicating in any manner with anyone else (even meeting of eyes is considered a form of communication!). In the words of our Director, it was a ‘deep surgery of your soul!’
Being a young batch - some of us started out as rebels, some as experimenters and some as total believers.
But in the end, I would like to believe, that the experience did give everyone something - some learning, or at least some time with oneself - a commodity fast becoming scarce in this fast-paced post-MBA world for us!