...slowly I turned. Step by step. And then...

Been so long
It's been a mighty long time
Since by baby left this town
I don't have nowhere to go
And I don't even have a dime.

Been so long
The carpet has faded on the flo'
Been so long
My light don't burn bright no mo'
I jes sit here wonderin'
Where in the world did...my baby go.

Been so long
My just can't sleep at night
When I go to eat my breakfast in the mornin'
My teeth and tongue, begin to fight.

Ooooooh! Oooh! Ooh! My Baby left town.
(She had to left town.)

Mighty Long Time
____________________Sonny Boy Williamson

As sang and played for me by Mister Williamson as we rode around Birmingham in the backseat of an old '48 Dodge looking for a liquor store a mighty mighty long time ago.
Thanks Maverick, for giving me the occasion to relive the memory.

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