He's a good dog
I've had him for years
used to get up when I walked by
Now he justs lifts up his ears
and he listens when I talk to him
though he don't understand
when I talk too much he just ignores me
and goes to sleep again

He's a good dog
I got him as a pup
I tried to teach him all those tricks
But then I just gave up
cause he never acted very bright
though his eyes they've got this glow
and I actually think he knows some things that
actually I don't

And he never barks at strangers
and he never barks at cars
and he howls at the coyotes
while they're howlin' at the stars
and he scratches at the back door
'til someone lets him in
then he scratches at the other side
'cause he wants back out again.

He's a good dog
and one of these days
gonna have to drive him into town
and have him put away
'cause he don't hear that good no more
and he can't hardly walk
but until then I'll look at him
and say
he's a good dog.

Good Dog
Fred Eaglesmith