ok so i have re-read it again..and i have some queries..

i am comfortable with two languages...hindi and english..and i can very well think using both of them...but the point is that if i am conversing or writing in english i think in english ..as in my thoughts occur to me in english...i dnt have to translate frm one to another...like now...while am writing this i am jst typing whatver is coming to me in english ..and the same happens when am talking or writing in hindi..so where does the translation part come in..i mean...whatevr language ur using at any given time becomes ur thinking language ..isnt it so???
and changing from one language to another...wont that be like too difficult n time consuming??..and what about the thoughts for which there arnt any words...how would u communicate them...or are the left uncommunicated....kept to us...in our minds...how many of us would want our thoughts to be left uncommunicated..not expressed???