>ask yourself who was it that was doing the looking for the answer.

you were, of course.

the answer to this "riddle" is suggested in your own "rain man" story. when you can't recall a name or some thing, you've probably just lost the neural pathway to that memeory cell; and while you're busy doing something else, your brain establishes a new(?) pathway.

You got the right string, tsuwm, but the wrong yo-yo.

The underlying point of my so-called "riddle" is that the conscious "self" is but an instrument of a non-lingual biological system that dictates our interactions with the surrounding environment.

It follows that we who think we are smart, are but a collection of cells operating under a biological imperative without any conscious control by our psyche. Agreed?

I guess I'd best stop here because it is considered "taboo" to talk religion on this "word restricted" Awad message board.