this is interesting. i only know english, but i can think in knitting, (and design, and think out complex knitting patterns (sometimes in several colors) and 'knit them on the fly' (i don't need to write down what i am doing, or when or where.. i can just look at each stitch as it 'comes up' and know what color or stitch its should be--

knitting is very binary, (and helped me understand computers) I taught my son binary at a young age, and he learned to think in binary. he can add, subtract and multipy in binary (mental!) i can add and subtract (on paper, making little tic marks for the carries) and can do simple multiplication (up to 4 times table in binary (again on paper) but i slow down, (and make more mistakes) above that. I certainly don't think (fluently) in binary.

Do musicians (or just composers?) think in music? are there other ways of thinking besides linguisticly and mathmatically? (thinking knitting is some what mathmatical)