actually milum, we tried to avoid all politics here..

the europeans (and there are number) tend to have a very different take on world events than we do ..

did you ever read the discussion on the war of 1812 (and who won it?) going on 200 year old policital events, and the topic was heated (who won? why everyone! the treat of ghent allowed everyone to walk away thinking they had won, so the south got to brag about Jackson (and the battle of NO's, (the northerns got to point out the battle was moot, and the canadians got brag about how they repelled (and defeated the NY's (and NEnglanders) and the english got bragging rights too.. and yet, we all managed to get our national pride up, and 're-fight' the war!

being a northern liberal i have (i suspect!) a very different take on Bush (and his presidency) than you do. but it doesn't matter. this is not really a politic BB, and while we have once or twice bashed Bush for the way he mangles english (something i think we both can agree on!) We tend to try (and like many other things, we often have failures) but still we try to avoid discussing policy or its outcomes.
Locally NY mayor (bloomberg) is taking credit for a dramatic drop in crime rate.. but the fact is crime is down, not just in NY, but many places, (some with good government, some with poor government). it seems what ever is driving the rate down has nothing to do with local politics.

bloomberg also boasted about creating jobs here in NYC (and in this he is right--why he spent $85 million on his campaign! i am sure that Ad men, and TV producers, and film editors, and camera men, and many other involved in creating the media blitz all were. a percent of the 85 million went to wages, i am sure(at least temporaliy!) all those people involved in making all the media messages were gainfully employed! (not to mention the Printers, and poster designers, and telephone call services people!

Well there i done it too, discussed politics.. well my post will be virtually ignored because of its political content.. (and we will go back to discussing words/language, and putting up with Ted's pun, etc...)