Welcome to AWADtalk; we're glad that you have joined us. Here is information which will help you to learn your way around.

You can find out all kinds of things, like how people chose their nicknames, and how you acquire board titles, and modes of reading the board, by following this link (many thanks to jmh for compiling them):


And this link will take you to a discussion of certain conventions adopted by the board members, and why we've adopted them:


Here are some commonly used linguistics abbreviations:

IE Indo-European (as in the IE lgs)
PIE Proto-Indo-European (as in the hypothetical ancestor of the IE lgs)
OE Old English
ME Middle English
NE / PDE Modern English (New English and Present Day English)
OFr, MFr, Fr Old, Middle, and Modern French
Gk Greek
Skt Sanskrit
L Latin
adj adjective
sb substantive / noun
adv adverb
vb verb