Dyspareunia :- painful intercourse. From Gk δυσπαρευνος (duspareunos) 'ill-mated' from δυσ- (dus-) 'bad' + παρευνος (pareunos) 'lying beside or with a bedfellow' from ευνη (eune) 'couch; marriage bed'. The most common English word we get from ευνη (eune) is eunuch from ευνουχος (eunoukhos) from ευνη (eune) + οχος (okhos) 'keeping' from εχω (ekho) 'to have, hold; keep'. Cf. Gk χαμευνος (khameunos) 'lying on the ground', ομευνος (homeunos) 'sleeping together', φιλευνος (phileunos) 'fond of the marriage bed', δισευνος (diseunos) 'with two wives'. The other Gk word for bed, λεχος (lekhos) is more properly the bedstead'.

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