Well, Faldage, good point about Jesus Christ, Super Star, so I'm all ears about your Oedipus who differs from Sophocles' Oed. Tell your tale here, if you get a chance. In the Graves you mention, it's flat-out stated that Oedipus knew he was killing the king of Thebes? And that, by killing the Sphinx, he was forgiven and then married the queen? Or was it more planned? Did he fall in love with the queen, kill the king, solve the riddle, marry the queen, bring about the plague, learn the truth, blind himself a la Sophocles, and so on....or does is the Graves completely different?

This is very, very interesting. So, if you have a moment to jot the Graves Oed facts down, thanks a lot. I'd look 'em up myself, but I've got rehearsal with the Munchkins to plan for...

Best regards,