mav, you know i will love you to the cows come home..
..and then i will go back to loving the cows.)

speaking of cows, last week jay leno was making jokes about a wisconson man who was arrested for animal abuse --on more than 60 occations (on his way home from visiting strip clubs) he stop, trespassed, and had sex with cows on a nearby farm.

i am wonder, what happened to finaly have him arrested--i mean 60 times?
hell, i have been in LTRs that didn't involve 60 occations for sex!
(once a week, sometimes twice. (remember a dating relationship, not a living together one) that's almost a year!--plus the time needed to get to know someone before the relationship becomes intimate--lots of LTR don't last that long!

(and how do you get to know a cow well enough to desire it, when you don't own the farm? do you develop a crush driving by, seeing it in the field, contentedly chewing its cud?--are you send over the bend by its spots, or lack of them? do redish gurnseys send you? or do the dark looks of an angus make your heart string twitter? --or do wisconsoner just eat so much cheese that they start having waking nightmares?... (re myths about cheesy dreams)