O.K., this is too complex, Ill have to break them down by category.
A, B, C, G, H, J, M all have to do with sleep and seem to use the root Somn which reminds us of somnambulist so since everybody went that way, Im thinking theyre all misleading inventions.

D. is out of the question because everybody knows the person who passes out first at an orgy is not a somnae its a guy.

F. Im discounting because I have no idea what that sentence says.

I and K. are related to the bedroom and thus associated with the sleeping resemblance close enough to make us think, that hmmm, maybe this is right - so Im thinking theyre also inventions.

N. Well, N is just a groaner, so off that one goes.

O. is just too long, somebody is trying too hard to convince us, and also a groaner so out it goes.

So were left with ELP Ooo, what a coincidenceEmmerson, Lake and Palmer.

E. those who have left a school, college or university after failing to complete their studies there.
L. Specialists involved in the study of wine. Connoisseurs of specific wine regions.
P. Female victims of vampirism, caught between the worlds of the living and living dead. First mentioned in the German cult film Loranthaceae and Viscaceae, 1987.

O.k. thats it, Im choosing L because Im thinking there wouldnt be such a high-falutin name for flunkies who failed college or university, and theres too many vowels on the Loranthaceae and Viscaceae you cant even pronounce that in German.


And yes, wofa sweetie, you may leave the room.